Feb 10th
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Upside down macchiato

Jan 9th
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White converse

Nov 25th
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Tis the season

Aug 13th
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Get Nauti

People on tumblr obsess about The Great Gatsby and that’s great because it is one of the best novels ever written. They think it’s “preppy” and shows how great life is. This is woefully untrue because Fitzgerald is in fact making fun of the opulent lifestyle. Maybe if people read the book and didn’t post pictures of it next to jack rogers and polo hats the reputation of those living a preppy and or luxury lifestyle would not be branded with a snotty and negative connotation. This goes for everything not just the Great Gatsby.

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Jul 23rd
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Jul 6th
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Some of today’s pickups 

Green polo
Jcrew belt 

More coming of additional items

Jul 5th
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R w and b

Jul 5th
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Happy late 4th of July

Jun 17th
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Lilly short and jacks

Jun 9th
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Completely posed picture of all of the stuff in my trunk. It’s been a good summer so far.

May 29th
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Frat collection shirts came!

May 16th
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